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Petitioning H.S.U.S. Wayne Pachelle, CEO President and 2 others

Overturn ruling for Andrew Thompson and put him in jail full term.


People have gone to jail (and some famous) for dog fighting and this person walks after killing over 10 dogs with his bare hands. This sets a precident that killing animals is not important. This precident must be corrrected. The sheer volume of repeated deaths alone is clearly patterned and this judge has unleashed a risk on society whereby there is potential that the behavior can escalates to crimes against humans. Just because this man has no prior record does not mean he does not have potential to do more harm and there could be many crimes not known about.  One other side note: this Judge is thankfully retiring. However this makes this all the more urgent. Make this point fast and clear. Judges that allow clear multiple cases of animal abuse will not be tolerated nor will the crimes committed.

This petition was delivered to:
  • H.S.U.S.
    Wayne Pachelle, CEO President
  • Veterans Memorial Courthouse
    The Honorable Judge Paula Manderfield
  • P.E.T.A.
    Ingrid Newkirk

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