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Include horse tripping under the "End Animal Cruelty & Fighting Campaign."

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A Charreada rodeo event, horse tripping or, piales en lienzo, involves using electric prods and other horses to force a horse to gallop at full speed around an enclosure. The object is for one Charro to rope one of the horse's legs sending it crashing to the ground. If the horse is able to rise, the whole hideous process repeats over and over. Ultimately the horse will suffer terrible, traumatic injuries such as broken bones, internal injuries, deep rope burns, and torn muscles, ligaments and tendons as they run for their lives. Ironically, the lucky ones die quickly at the rodeo. Those unfortunate enough to survive with injuries that prevent them from being run and thrown again will find themselves on trucks headed for a Mexican slaughterhouse where they will endure more torture and death. The Charreada stock dealers are said to prefer smaller lighter breeds that run well and are easy to take down like Arabs and Thoroughbreds.

Horse tripping is understandably illegal in many states just as other forms of animal abuse as entertainment are. Like dog fighting and cock fighting, horse tripping has gone underground where it is practiced at smaller private venues. Unfortunately, the HSUS has not publicly come out against horse tripping as an issue worthy of official action in the way that it has for dog fighting, cock fighting, and other forms of animal cruelty as entertainment.

Please join me in asking Wayne Pacelle, President of the HSUS, to direct organizational resources towards ending the practice of horse tripping.

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