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Detroit Animal Control Director Harry Ward should and must be prosecuted for abuse of animals, neglect and torture.  Veterinarian Marilyn Berkley too must be prosecuted.  Since taking his position 7 years ago his first move was to eliminate all adoptions in favor of the slaughter of all dogs and cats in his care.  As of today, Detroit Animal Control continues to slaughter 100% of all cats in their custody.  Through public outcry and demand, some adoptions have begun. However conditions for animals inside remain toxic to the point that animals die at a rate of about 10 a week from untreated and undiagnosed disease.  Harry Ward should and must also be held accountable and prosecuted for authorizing the illegal search (kicking in doors and tearing down fences) of Detroit residents in search of unlicensed dogs and the illegal seizure of those dogs.  One man had 3 dogs taken off his property and out of his home and taken into Harry Ward's custody.  Harry ward killed the nursing mom puppy leaving the puppy to just die alone in a cold dark coffin like jail cell and he returned the 3rd dog who died a few days later of disease contracted at DAC all over a dog tag!  He runs his operation "cash only" and we cannot get the city to release information on where he keeps all the money.  This picture is from the employee who was fired for trying to save animals.  If you would like to review countless stories and interviews of residents who were victims please go to Facebook page "Citizens for Change for Detroit Dogs & Cats" and there you can also send a message to request over 250 pages of evidence including court records, people's personal accounts of loss and abuse and neglect and death of their animals and even local television interviews with Harry Ward that will shock you.  On a lesser note, yet no less criminal, Harry Ward admits to news reporters to theft from the city, by housing his dog "Peaches" at Detroit Animal Control for the past 5 years all at tax payer expense, including veterinary care, with his oral promise to keep her locked up in a cage until the day she dies, at tax payer expense.  The picture above is one dead dog who clearly died of an airborne disease and 2 terrified dogs who know that they are next and surely they were.  Her 72 paragraph 18 pages complaint and lawsuit against the city including this picture and more can be found at We will begin protesting Monday, November 2 with these pictures on poster boards so the whole world can watch.  THE CITY OF DETROIT MUST PRIVATIZE ANIMAL CONTROL

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