Bring Awareness & Change to the Offensive Native American Theming Within Waxahachie ISD

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Waxahachie Independent School District has used Native American theming throughout the entirety of its schools and concurrent facilities. This ranges from the mascot being the popular misnomer "Indians" to the in-school restaurant being named "The Reservation" at the high school. There are countless other examples of the district trivializing and discouraging greater cultural depth and deference to Native Americans. Over 450 Native American tribes and coalitions across the globe have denounced the use of their culture as a mascot or theme in any regard so the superficial treatment of multiple cultural facets makes the perpetration that much worse. The WISD currently has a less than 1% population of self-identifying Native Americans according to recent census and likewise no accountability or proper consultation for the use of these themes. While the city of Waxahachie was founded by Native Americans that does not diminish the direct offense that this school mascot poses as there is no publicly accounted proof of any specific Native group approving these structural decisions. We are proposing that Waxahachie change the theming of the district to more accurately and respectfully pay homage to the culture that founded this city. Additionally (or as conciliation), for the WISD to implement relevant and accurate Native cultural context and narrative for the schools at a reasonable pace. This will help Waxahachie grow as a community and provide education and respect for the founding culture of this blossoming city.


Included in this petition will be a generally comprehensive document examining these issues in greater depth and certitude with included source links and bibliography.

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