Ban Glyphosate use by Waverley Council.

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Glyphosate is heavily used as a herbicide in Waverley Council's open spaces. It comes into direct contact with Waverley Council's staff handling the product, residents using our parks and of most concern our children and the elderly.

Glyphosate has been declared a probable carcinogen by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer a subsidiary of the World Health Organisation). In the last 12 months billions of dollars have been awarded to grounds people and residents who have developed cancer from the use of glyphosate and its formulation 'Roundup" in the United States. Currently 1000's of court cases are pending against its manufacturer Bayer who purchased it's original manufacturer Monsanto.

Currently two Sydney Councils have banned the use of Glyphosate: Fairfield and Georges River. All French local councils have banned the use of glyphosate. However Waverley Council has made no progress after passing a motion to engage a consultant to write a report to eliminate glyphosate more than 9 months ago in September 2018.

Waverley Council will be meeting on 20th August to hear a review of the report and vote on a motion to amend its pesticide and herbicide policy. We want your support to urge Waverley Councillors to ban the use of Glyphosate at the meeting.