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Waupaca County Sheriff's Department: Don't Let These Five Neglected Horses Die!

Help urge the Waupaca County Sheriff's department to do something about these five clearly neglected horses in Clintonville, WI! They are emaciated, living largely off hay snuck into their enclosure by concerned individuals when several of them are ill and in need of special diets to even maintain their weight. Their hooves desperately need trimming, and two sickly studs need gelding to prevent breeding with the mares and creating more abused, unwanted horses.

Encourage law enforcement to step in before it's too late! Winter in Wisconsin is harsh -- and right around the corner -- and with no body fat and no shelter beyond a shed one horse is confined in without water and a tarp laughably put over a corral corner in feeble "compliance" with a token abatement order served by the Sheriff's Dept some or all of these animals will most assuredly not survive!

Find out more at North Horse or the Save The Clintonville Horses Facebook page.

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  • Humane Officer
    Jeanette Newell
  • Waupaca County Sheriff's Department
    Brad Hardel
  • Waupaca County Board Chair
    Dick Koeppen

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