The School District of Waukesha needs to create GATING CRITERIA before DOUBLING CAPACITY.

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Many people are concerned about the School District of Waukesha's quick decision to switch from the 2 days/wk Hybrid model to doubling the capacity with their Face to Face model that will meet 4 days/wk. The Hybrid model has been working fairly successfully because it uses cohorts as recommended by the CDC (which is having half the school's population in at a time.) Teachers and students have adapted and feel fairly safe in the Hybrid model and the teaching/learning process is getting more effective every day! 

People in the community want to know what research/data is being used to support the safety aspects of their decision to double current capacity in middle and high schools at a time when our community’s infection rate is dangerously high and our region’s hospital bed occupancy is at 89%. Wisconsin is all over the news for having the fastest growing rate in the nation right now, so please let the district know this is  CLEARLY NOT A SAFE TIME to double capacity in these schools.

Signing this petition will show the district that you support having them address the concerns below before switching to their Face to Face model. 

  • THE DISTRICT NEEDS TO CREATE CLEAR GATING CRITERIA which uses local data to determine the appropriate shift to a different mode of instruction.  (Example: Moving from Full Face-to-Face down to Hybrid OR Hybrid up to Full Face-to-Face)
    • What are the metrics currently used to decide switching of models? 
    • If SDW is switching to a 4 day Face to Face model, what research/data is the district using to prove that it is safer now than when the hybrid model was decided to be the safest?

  • Adding any more students will compromise the teacher's ability to monitor proper mask wearing, social distancing and overall safety. Teachers currently feel semi-confident in their ability to monitor saftey in these smaller groups, but will need more support if that student to teacher ratio is increased.
    • If our schools are currently not able to meet CDC social distancing standards of a 6’ minimum in many situations and classrooms, what accommodations will be made to provide a safer environment when the capacity doubles?
    • The need for support becomes even more crucial if the teacher is also asked to run a simultaneous live stream class as stated in the district plan.
  • The current contact tracing team is presently understaffed and unable to keep up with our current population. Teachers are not receiving the communication they were promised at the beginning of the year in regards to student absences, creating a disconnect in the student’s education.
    • Can the district guarantee proper tracing during lunch, which is the most infectious time frame of a student’s day?
    • How much is the district increasing their contact tracing staff to be able to maintain safe communications and follow up procedures?
    • How long will that training take?
    • If the plan does not include more staffing, is there data showing that our current contact tracing team is only being used half time now?
  • Soliciting Regular Feedback from ALL Stakeholders: We believe it is critical for the District to regularly collect feedback from teachers, students, and families as part of a systematic feedback cycle. This feedback should be reviewed and used to inform decisions and make appropriate modifications.

Please consider writing your concerns to the school board members and the superintendent at or speaking at the board meeting this Wednesday. Even your presence would mean a lot, so please consider joining us in green at Lindholm on Wednesday at 6:30! Thank you