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Stop the Sale of live animals at The Pet Zone Watertown, NY

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Selling live animals, especially large ones such as puppies in mall stores is so incredibly unnecessary & inappropriate for proper care, especially in 2017. Particularly, the pet store, The Pet Zone , in Watertown, New York should remove at least their live animals, or try to turn the location into an adoption center for animals with proper care. Being in a small kennel hours upon hours a day, on an uncomfortable metal grate floor, no food or water readily available most of the day, & making them urinate & deficate where they eat & sleep is cruel. These animals don't get walked or proper fresh air. The staff seems unfortunately uncaring or uneducated when it comes to the daily care

. Recently, there was a case of a supposed malnourished dog that got a little attention but eventually faded away & the store was still allowed to sell animals. If the care isn't enough to make you sad, these puppies typically come from Puppy mills where they are mass bred so that breeders can make more money. This often leads to sick puppies because of interbreeding, malnourishment while developing, lack of health care, and lack of room for fresh air . Many people have claims that their family pets have either gotten extremely sick or have completely passed away after purchasing from this store. It is not a coincidence, it is a pattern. Selling live animals in a mall should be banned . It's not fair that people get to just go down after eating their lunch and play with a puppy just because they are bored with no intention to give them a loving home. The people that go in there are willing to pay upward of $1000-$3500 for puppies when they'll have to take care of vet bills down the road, more than likely. They also obviously have huge hearts so when someone buys a puppy from there and they fall ill, it can be devastating & sometimes traumatic . People who own stores like this DO NOT seem care about the animals as much as they claim. The care is seemingly not the greatest. 


As a community I think we should stand together and show that as caring humans , this is not okay. It never has been & it never will be. These stores are banned all over & it's for good reason. Please help puppies have a great, healthy life. No sun, no fresh air, no love is what they currently face. You have to think about how the puppies are also in a mall by themselves overnight... it's not proper. They are in those kennels 24/7 unless they are asked to be seen or taken to be shown in the playpen out in the store. Help these precious pups who unfortunately can't help themselves... they're literally bred to sit in cages, until a family buys them & then they almost always get sick.. enough is enough. Humans always are able to talk their way out of things. These puppies can't show us the truth so we have to help people discover it. Please sign, spread the word, & spread the awareness . If you think about it & wouldn't let your pet be sold in a place like this, show them it's not right . There is power in numbers, friends. 

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