Stand Up Against Hate in Waterford

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I've always been proud to grow up in the close knit community of Waterford. The support and love that I've received from my community has helped me grow into the person that I am today. 

Today, I don't feel that pride anymore. Instead, when I drive into Waterford I see a transphobic sign that doesn't offer the same love and support our town should stand for. I'm disgusted by the thought of LGBTQ+ members of the Waterford community feeling like they aren't accepted. 

I understand the importance of free speech, but when you have a large sign at the center of our town, your message speaks for the entire community. It should take into consideration the opinion of the whole community then. I want to take a stand against this blatant hate and show that our town does NOT support this message. 

Please sign if you want to live in a town that supports all of its residents and welcomes people into the town with compassion instead of hate. My hope is that if enough people sign this petition and share their anger with the current message being spread, the owner will change the sign. If nothing else, I hope that signing this petition will show that not everyone in Waterford stands for hate.

I really believe that we have a wonderful community within Waterford, and hope that people driving through can see a message of that love instead.