Water efficiency is critical to climate change. Act now to prevent a water crisis.

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Water efficiency is critical to climate change. Act now to prevent a water crisis.

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We need to mobilise support and act now. The conservation of water can no longer wait.

Water efficiency is critical to the debate on climate change – an issue pushed to the forefront by Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion.  If we do not act now, we will suffer a water crisis, not only our generation, but for future generations to come. This needs to change now – join our campaign #WhyNotWater.

We want four simple changes:

1. Mandatory water efficiency labelling on all goods.
We want manufacturers to label their products so people know how much water they are using. A labelling scheme will empower people to make an informed choice, so they can save water, save energy and save money.

These schemes already exist in other countries such as Australia and Singapore and significant water savings are being made. If the UK follows suit, this will make a big difference and will demonstrate real action.

2. Rights for tenants to request that their landlords install water saving measures so that they are able to enjoy water efficient homes.  

This would bring water on a par with energy, save money and help the environment. We want landlords to offer water efficient properties just as they are obliged to do so under energy regulation. Water should not be seen as a separate issue.

3. Domestic water efficiency by ensuring fixtures and fittings meet standard requirements through mandatory certification.

We have the potential to improve households’ water efficiency if straight forward changes are made to fixtures and fittings through mandatory certification approvals, e.g. WRAS or KIWA. Local Authorities and Housing Associations regularly run retrofit programmes and there is an opportunity to procure water efficient devices to help reduce water to avoid wasting water. With the scale of new housing in the UK, there is significant opportunity and need to reduce water use in new developments and this can be achieved if legislation is in place to make sure all fixtures and fittings meet mandatory certification of water efficiency.

4. Every Local Plan in a severely water stressed area should include the target of 110 litres per person per day.  

Part G of the building regulations in 2010 for England and Wales require that the water use of a home is no more than 125 litres, per person, per day. In areas of water stress there are optional Technical Standards (National Planning Policy Framework (England)) that set out how local planning authorities could introduce a tighter requirement of 110 litres, per person, per day. We want every Local Plan to do this!

These simple changes will make all the difference in conserving water for our future and help the climate change debate.

Read the full WhyNotWater manifesto here

Please sign our petition and support the need for legislative change for water efficiency - #WhyNotWater – thank you.

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This petition had 1,385 supporters

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