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​    Skyler Boring was bigger than life. He was a state ranked wrestler & co-captain of his high school wrestling team. By his senior year, he was flooded with scholarships to attend universities all over the country. He accepted none because he wanted to stay with his mom, Amy Boring. Skyler had to keep in good shape to be such a great wrestler. He ran 4 miles & on his route, he checked in on an elderly neighbor. That's the kind of guy Skyler was. He would give you the shirt off his back. He could take any situation & make you have a great time with just his presence. He could make the grumpiest person laugh.

    On May 28, 2013 Skyler was shot & died on his way from Blount Memorial Hospital to University of Tennessee Medical Center. The authorities say Skyler & some friends were playing a war game with actual guns. A 12 guage pump shot gun happened to be loaded & was aimed & shot at Skyler. The people present called 911 from Skyler's phone & met up with an amulance at a local gas station in Skyler's car, a two door pontiac grand am. Skyler was then transported to Blount Memorial Hospital where doctors tried to stabilize him & transport him to UT Medical Center. He then passed away later that night. Seems like a likely story, some dumb kids were involved in a tragic "accident" but things don't add up that easy:

- Skyler was raised around guns, hunting since he could walk, he knew gun safety. He would never point an actual gun at someone nor would he allow someone to point one at him.
- You have to pump a shot gun, you hear the shell drop into the chamber & then you can shoot. It's not an aim & shoot gun.
- Skyler's keys & cellphone I am assuming were in his pocket. Why go through a gunshot victims pockets instead of grabbing your own? Unless you were looking for something else. Like his wallet?
- Why take him to a gas station that is right down the road from the hospital? The time you waste waiting there you could have already been at the ER.
- Why wasn't there a lot of blood in the vehicle? Surely a shotgun wound to the chest would have produced more bloodshed in his vehicle than there was.
- Why were Skyler's knuckles bruised & scratched at his service? Was he fighting for his life?
- Why do the witnesses stories not match up? The truth doesn't change but their stories do.

There are plenty of other questions, all with no answers. The authroities have no new news. The kids present at Skyler's death are still out there. Accident or not someone should still pay. Skyler isn't here to tell us what happened, so we have to make sure we serve him justice.

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