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Stop using live cats for medical students to practice intubating infants.

Wash-U is one of only two schools left in the nation that practices intubating live cats in their medical programs instead of using infant simulators. Bob Barker even offered to buy the school simulators but they refused. The school made an announcement earlier this year that they would no longer use cats in their PALS training course. However, they failed to mention that the cats are still being held in their labs and used for intubation in other programs at the school.

The people doing these procedures are STUDENTS. They are PRACTICING. They are shoving tubes down the throats of drugged cats, often harming them.

Please sign this petition and get the word out there that Wash-U needs to get on board with current medical practices and stop torturing cats!

There are already homes for these cats if the school would just release them.

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