Boycott ProctorU

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ProctorU is not safe for students to use. The problem is not a random person watching you while you take your test. the problem lies in the fact that you are relinquishing your computers apps and personal information to a random person. when you take your test whoever is proctoring you has access to all of your computers files, apps, pictures and any other personal information such as passwords or something sensitive like banking information. Also there is a possibility of that person putting malware onto your computer. Last month, ProctorU had a data breach of 440,000 students/people's information leaked on the internet. Also the site asks for the information on your government ID or school ID. To ensure student safety. We are asking for a credible and safer testing service. Another option would be to test over zoom or WSU could trust us upon Academic integrity.

articles further explain concern towards ProctorU: