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Stop Governor Jay Inslee From Removing The Death Panalty in Washington State

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Govenor Jay Inslee is proposing a bill to the Washington State Legislature to completely abolish the death penalty in Washington State. There are 8 people on death row as we speak who have committed horrendous crimes, and the only solace that families of the victims have is knowing that one day they will answer for their crimes. I personally have recently lost 3 beautiful people, and almost a 4th, to a horrendous murderer. It's very cut and dry as one of the intended victims miraculously survived. Is it fair to allow the murderer to continue to not only live, but to also thrive, within our prison system? I say no way. It is not justice to give life to those who knowingly, and sadisticly, take lives from others. 

I am asking each of you to reach deep inside of yourselves and try to imagine what the victims, as well as the victim's families, have and will forever experience. Put yourself especially in our shoes where every day is now a struggle because every day you wake knowing that your loved one(s), son, daughter, brother or sister, mother or father, husband was taken away by someone so selfish and evil. Do we, as victims, as citizens, not have a say in the outcome of true justice? 

There are days when I can't even get myself together to go into work because I know that this awful man is still sitting in our jails, being fed, clothed, and taken care of, all while my baby brother, as well as his fiance and my baby cousin, are no longer gifted life. I look my niece in her face and it kills me knowing that her father, my brother, was murdered in cold blood. This is wrong. There is no question as to who committed this crime as the only survivor can tell you that she looked down his barrel before he shot her in the face, and left her for dead. 

These people are not who should be housed in a penitentiary with a simple life sentence, these are the ones who belong on death row. The victims and families should never have to accept less due to one man's outlook on Our laws.

Please stop Jay Inslee's bill to abolish the death penalty in Our state. It is wrong, selfish, and offensive to all who have survived.

Thank you.


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