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Cody has been missing since September 12, 2004. There was major abuse going on in the Haynes house. His Father and Step Mother were the last people to see Cody alive. They quickly obtained a lawyer and stopped talking to authorities. They have not been active in looking for Cody. Refuse to speak with the media to plea for his son's safe return. and have not attended one of Cody's Vigil's. 


Richard "Cody" Haynes was born 4/16/93. 
Cody was raised by his father and in retrospect, many questions arise about the quality of his life. Cody was referred to children's protective services in Kittitas, Washington on at least two occasions before his disappearance.

The principal of his school at Ellensburg Elementary referred the Haynes' family to CPS in February 2002. Earlier the family was referred to CPS in Dec 2001. Both times the referrals were for physical and emotional abuse and neglect.

Until Cody disappeared from the planet, CPS in Washington State deemed Cody's father was satisfactory even after investigating the complaints.

Cody Haynes was last seen alive on September 11, 2004. His father's girlfriend, Marla Jaye Harding, has a scuffle with Cody. According to the girlfriend, Cody refused to do some chores he was assigned after dinner. Cody had to remain in the kitchen until almost midnight that night. At midnight, again according to the girlfriend, Cody was sent to his room. His sisters were told not to go near his room.
Nobody checked on Cody until 5 pm the following day. At which point Cody was not in his room and his father phoned in a missing person's report. Something terrible happened to Cody sometime after dinner September 11, and 2:30 am later that night, September 12.

Because at 2:30 a.m. later that Sunday morning, supposedly after the scuffle between Cody and his father's girlfriend, Cody's father, Richard Haynes, took a long and strange trip. When he left to go "looking for car parts", Cody was allegedly in his room. Sent there after refusing to do his after dinner chores and after being punished by having to remain in the kitchen until midnight. Cody was, according to Richard and Marla, sent to his room. Two hours after sending Cody to his room, Richard Haynes embarks on a mission to find car parts at 2:30 a.m. and returns home at 4 p.m., later in the day. An hour later he reported Cody missing.

Child Protective Services failed Cody, now the justice system fails Cody...

Cody and his four sisters were alleged to be home-schooled following the reports from the school principle to CPS. Two referrals to CPS and no one checked into the "quality" of this home schooling. CPS thought the children were fine. So much so that there was no need to even bother checking.

A week after Cody vanished, his sisters were removed from their father's home and placed into foster care. The removal order alleged abuse, neglect and lack of supervision in the Haynes household and was based mainly on the fact that the girls' brother, Cody, had been made to stay in his room for eighteen hours without being allowed to eat, drink, or use the toilet, and without being checked on by an adult. Harding stated that he was a rebellious and deceitful child and needed discipline. Cody's sisters had been declared dependent by the State. Richard has sent very few cards for birthdays or Christmas nor has made many arrangements to see his girls while in foster care over the past years. Marla moved on to California, without Richard.

Richard and Harding, who married within days after Cody's disappearance,immediately hired lawyers and will not cooperate with investigators about Cody's disappearance to this day. The rest of his family have been cooperating fully with police to date. Before the Haynes children were taken from their home, Richard refused to allow police to question them. At one point, Marla slamming the door in investigators faces.Stating that she was not going to have her life ruined.

Witnesses stated that the Haynes children were made to stand outside for long periods in the wintertime without coats or shoes. Both times the allegations were found to be without merit. Now we have learned that the children were beat with a board and belt,with a litter box between the their legs due to urinating on themselves while being beaten. Another report is Marla had taken the children to a shopping mall in nearby Yakima, WA. She brought the girls in and left Cody in the vehicle for hours while she shopped with the Haynes girls. Cody, allegedly made to lay on the floor boards until the shopping trip had ended. The list of abuse towards the children, especially Cody, goes on and on... 

Ironically shortly after the "disappearance" of Cody, Richard Haynes told The Spokesman-Review he would not discuss his son's disappearance without his attorney present. "I'm not interested in talking about it. I'm not talking without my attorney present. No way," he said. Meanwhile, Richard Haynes and Marla Harding had lawyered up and refused to attend a candlelight vigil for their son. In 2011, another vigil was held in honor of missing Cody,which neither Richard nor Marla had attended. Richard has been invited to yet another vigil in advance, for Sept 2012, marking the 8th year of Cody's disappearance which he is refusing to attend. "I'm not going, vigils are for dead people." "I have a bad back and can't drive that far"-a three hour trip. "I have nowhere to stay in Kittitas." Every excuse not to attend. If your child is missing, you put your face out there and do whatever it takes to help in any way. Richard has made no efforts since Cody's disappearance. Even when people were scouring Kittitas looking for Cody, a close family friend revealed "I was searching for Cody for two weeks. Richard never went with to look for Cody at all. He was not supposed to leave town without a police escort and he did anyway, one week after Cody's disappearance." Suspicious? 

Now the police and attorney general are at odds. It's a certainty that CPS has failed Cody Haynes. In February 2005, police obtained a warrant and searched the Haynes residence. They had interviewed Cody's sisters several times since their placement in foster care. Initially the girls said nothing had happened to their brother, but after their removal from the Haynes home, Cody's oldest sister told investigators that he had been beaten severely inside his home the day he vanished. Police searched for traces of blood in the apartment's kitchen to back up the sister's story. The flooring there had been replaced after Cody's disappearance and without the landlord's knowledge or consent. A second search was made and police seized a computer and Richard's Chevrolet Suburban. They also searched Harding's car. Authorities made what they termed a "significant discovery" during one of these searches, but have not elaborated on what exactly it was they found. It is alleged that the van Richard had actually been driving the night of the disappearance had actually been sold two days later and parted out to a local cab company. The wrong vehicle had been towed according to a close family friend and by our source. To this day, Cody is still missing and no arrests have been made. We are hoping with this petition we can get a little closer to having Rick Haynes Sr. and Marla J. Harding arrested for Cody's disappearance. Cody's Cousin's search for answers and long to bring their cousin to a real home. Something Cody has never had as he was also abused by his other parent.  That is how Rick and Marla obtained custody of the Haynes children. She was charged with child abuse and was not allowed to have contact with them according to authorities. We all have a very grave feeling, people have been talking, the police just are not listening. They say that they want his body to charge anyone with anything. We are working to raise money to get a search team to look in area's of interest.