Thank Everyone For Revoking the Permit to Spray Imidicloprid on the Bays!

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Recently the State Dept of Ecology and the Oyster Industry agreed to withdraw/cancel the permit issued to spray chemicals on the bay.  This resulted from a great outcry from people like yourself!!! thank you for raising awareness and caring about clean water.

I leave the body of the initial petition below for review but NO ACTION is necessary at this time. Thanks Again!!!

This chemical is untested. After finally stopping the application of the nerve agent "Carbaryl" to our sensitive salt marsh estuaries... to now allow another volatile chemical to be sprayed is ludicrous. In addition to potentially harming crab, sturgeon and young salmon as they pass through our waters this chemical threatens bees as well! Last week the EPA issued a notice regarding all neonicotinoid chemicals due to the danger to bee populations. Please read this notice.

As part of EPA's ongoing effort to protect pollinators, the Agency has sent letters to registrants of neonicotinoid pesticides with outdoor uses informing them that EPA will likely not be in a position to approve most applications for new uses of these chemicals until new bee data have been submitted and pollinator risk assessments are complete. The letters reiterate that the EPA has required new bee safety studies for its ongoing registration review process for the neonicotinoid pesticides, and that the Agency must complete its new pollinator risk assessments, which are based, in part, on the new data, before it will likely be able to make regulatory decisions on imidacloprid, clothianidin, thiamethoxam, and dinotefuran that would expand the current uses of these pesticides. Affected neonicotinoid actions include:
> * New Uses (including crop group expansion requests)
> * Addition of New Use Patterns, such as aerial application
> * Experimental Use Permits
> * New Special Local Needs Registrations

Because Department of Ecology had not approved the permit application at the time of this moratorium placed on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides your agency should DENY THE PERMIT!  Please don't let politics and the deep seated lobbying from this multi-million dollar industry get in the way of your responsibility to the environment and the people. Our estuaries deserve to be protected!


Thank You



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