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Washington State Board of Natural Resources (BNR)

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Jay Inslee, Governor of WA State; Peter Goldmark, Commissioner of Public Lands, WA State; Kirk Pearson, 39 District Senator WA State; Dan Kristiansen, 39 District Representative WA State; Elizabeth Scott, 39 District Representative WA State.


Massive state and private commercial logging is destroying the Skykomish Valley, WA, a part of the famous Cascade Loop and Hwy 2, a National Scenic Byway. Once beautiful, our valley is now ugly. The mountains have become covered by thousands of dead brown acres. A lot of local residents and visitors to the Valley feel upset about the logging. At the same time, it is common knowledge that mature forests protect clean water and air, provide important wildlife and fish habitat, and absorb and hold carbon that would otherwise contribute to climate change.

Nevertheless, at this very moment Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is planning to clear cut two large parcels of old forest next to the popular hiking destination of Wallace Falls State Park, which had 120 thousand visitors in 2014: Moonbeam Timber Sale and Singletary Timber Sale (map). According to a DNR official, harvesting timber on the land near the Park would pave the way for future sales in the area.

  • Moonbeam and Singletary Timber Sales will dramatically reduce the attractiveness of Wallace Falls State Park and the Sky Valley.
  • Since the Sky Valley is only one hour from Seattle, these two timber sales will hurt local businesses - especially recreational enterprises which have a big probability for growth. Potential sales taxes from local recreational businesses and eco-tourism will be lost if this logging goes forward.  In fact, the potential sales taxes could offset any revenue for local and county governments generated by the local timber sales.
  • Home property values drop with every tree hauled away from the mountains of the Sky Valley. The safety of the surrounding area is affected dramatically as well. Locals are afraid of bigger winter floods and land / mud slides similar to the one in Oso, WA in 2014.
  • We teach children to respect and protect nature and their home – the Sky Valley. At the same time, all the Sky Valley residents and visitors see disrespect to both - nature and the Valley - in the form of stripped mountains and the butchered landscape. We teach our children that actions speak louder than words. So let us show the future generations that we walk our talk and preserve the gem that is the Sky Valley.

DNR should put Moonbeam and Singletary Timber Sales on the Trust Land Transfer Program list for 2017-2019, hold off on harvesting timber, and transfer both timber sales to Wallace Falls State Park.

Please sign this petition to save the Sky Valley from destruction! We must change this old logging story if we care about making a better home for our children.

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This petition had 284 supporters

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