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Keep NoMA-Gallaudet U in the primary station name

We, the community of Gallaudet, feel that we deserve recognition in the naming of the metro station NY Avenue / FLA Avenue / Gallaudet U, which will be changed to NoMA/NY Avenue. We feel that the name should be NoMA-Gallaudet U. 

Here are the reasons why:


• Gallaudet is an integral part of this neighborhood, has been here for 150 years
• Gallaudet was a part of the building of the station; For example, I. King Jordan participated in the ground breaking
• No other DC university names will have secondary status. Gallaudet would like to be kept on equal footing with the other universities in the District.
• We love Gallaudet and we love our neighborhood. We volunteer our time to support neighborhood initiatives and we shop and dine in the area.
• Gallaudet has been a long time presence in the neighborhood and has had a positive impact in the area.
• The station is not on New York Avenue, so that should not be kept in the name, to avoid confusion.
• The name NoMA-New York Avenue/Gallaudet U does not meet WMATA station naming requirements, as it is too long. NoMA-Gallaudet U is only 16 characters, under the 19 character limit for station names.
• We would love for the Metro station to be a symbol of collaboration and overcoming language barriers. We would love to have ASL prominently displayed in the station to remind people of the diverse fabric that exists in our neighborhood and one that should be celebrated.
o We want to work with WMATA on creating this.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
    Richard Sarles
  • District Department of Transportation
    Terry Bellamy
  • Gallaudet University President
    Alan Hurwitz
  • Office of Council Member Bowser
    Judah Gluckman
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
    Catherine Hudgins
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
    Tom Downs
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Council Member
    Tommy Wells
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Council Member
    Harry Thomas

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