Highlands Lighting Project

Highlands Lighting Project

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Washington Highlands Property Owners

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Started by Neil White

The Washington Homes Association (WHA) and Washington Highland Historic Preservation Corporation (WHHPC) Boards are requesting your support for the historic street lamp fixture project on Highlands municipal street light poles. As many of you know, the WHHPC has been investigating alternatives to the current fixtures and presenting the findings at the WHA Annual Meeting for more than ten years.  

Two recent developments have pushed this project to the forefront. 1) The reduction in associated costs with LED lighting, and 2) The City’s schedule for streetlight replacement.  The new lighting fixtures being installed throughout the city, on Milwaukee Avenue for example, are slated to be installed in our neighborhood in the coming months unless we work with the City on the historic lamp alternative.

Both Boards have voted to approve the project pending majority resident support.  It was the hope of the WHHPC Board to go door to door this year to discuss and gain signatures of support with our neighbors.  Unfortunately, COVID concerns makes this virtual petition a safer reality.

We encourage you to read more about the project with our Frequently Asked Questions page on the WHA website.

We realize not everyone is comfortable with online communication.  We ask the you may share and safely invite neighbors who may not see this on email or Facebook to participate.  If you support the project, please sign the petition. Only one signee per household please.

With follow-up questions not addressed in the FAQ page, please email: whhpc501c3@gmail.com. and visit neighborhood Facebook page.

285 have signed. Let’s get to 500!