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Stop the Killing of Shelter Animals!

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We, the undersigned, call for a halt to the holocaust that is occurring in animal shelters across the country. A civilized society does not accept or endorse the slaughter that is presently taking place across our nation. A shelter animal is killed once every 8 seconds! Shelters must begin to work with volunteers in an effort to reduce the euthanization of animals. Shelters which already do so have lower rates of euthanization....

Euthanasia via inhumane cruel methods causing painful death must cease to be legal, IMMEDIATELY! This is nothing short of legalized animal ABUSE! Gas chambers, into which animals are thrown via catchpoles, young, old, small and large, all at once, create suffering that is unimaginable! Distressed screams and cries of animals being suffocated can be heard coming from within. Often, these barbaric methods of euthanization break down or do not function properly, and many times, the procedure has to be repeated, causing horrendous suffering and terror in animals that, through no fault of their own, ended up in harm’s way. The heart stick method of killing causes a slow and agonizing death as organs are shutting down. This method of death can take up to 30 minutes!

Animals must never be euthanized in open kennel areas in front of other animals. This creates an atmosphere of terror for animals witnessing the euthanization. Animals observing this type of euthanasia will become fearful in the shelter, be evaluated as such, and as a result, they will, in turn, also end up being euthanized.

Animals turned into shelters with broken bones or suffering from extreme abuse cannot be left to suffer without medical attention. This happens over and over again! In the name of one such dog, Kaiser, who suffered in pain, for days, with broken bones, lying on a cold cement floor, in a shelter, we demand that “Kaiser’s Law” become a reality! At the very least, a Veterinary Technician must be on staff to deal with medical emergencies.

Laws need to be enacted to make sure that every animal admitted to a shelter be photographed, given an identification number, and this information must be made available to the public! A shelter needs to provide a way out, as well as a way in, for each and every animal! We demand this become mandatory in every state across the country. This law shall be enacted in the memory of Phillipe, and be known as Phillipe's Law, in the memory of "the dog behind the glass" (please see video at:, a dog with no ID number, who lost his life because he could not be identified in the shelter! 

Laws need to be enacted to prevent domestic animals from being treated as property (as in an inanimate type of property) or commodities. Until such action becomes the law of the land, abuse will continue, unchecked.

Puppy mills, puppy auctions and pet stores need to be shut down and made illegal. This is the major source of pet overpopulation. Registration entities should be prohibited from supplying registration numbers for animals purchased from pet stores, puppy mills, or commercial breeders and anyone who is not licensed to breed. Licenses must be submitted with registration requests.

Licensed breeders must agree to take back or re-home animals they have bred if the animals cannot be kept by the purchaser. Failure to do so should result in immediate suspension of licenses.

Educational programs must be encouraged to be a part of the school curriculum, started in grade school to teach responsible pet ownership. Low cost spay/neuter programs should be made available to pet owners and the importance of spay/neuter should be part of the educational program focus in schools. That alone would cut down the numbers of unwanted dogs that end up in shelters! Through education, we can cut down the number of dogs being euthanized and teach the value of life.

Stiff penalties and serious jail time must be given to animal abusers. It is a fact animal abusers often escalate to become people abusers!

The euthanization of any animal in a shelter that has been committed to, by rescue, should be punishable by criminal penalties and/or hefty fines.

We respectfully request that our voices be heard! We are more than willing to come to Washington, DC, in numbers, and meet with Law Makers to put an end to the horrible conditions that exist in shelters and to put an end to the animal holocaust in what are supposed to be *shelters*! At this time, the term "animal shelter" has become oxymoronic- this needs to change!

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