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     Patricia Thompson works for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and oversees Wildlife Rehabilitators over the entire State. Several rehabilitation centers have closed down due to her poor judgment and inability to work with rehabilitators to help animals. She has illegally raided rehabilitation centers all over WA State and killed hundreds of innocent animals.

     This has been discussed on the news, public media, and in WDFW Commission meetings. Many citizens have written or called the governor and WDFW complaining about this travesty. Many wildlife rehabilitators are afraid of Patricia Thompson and some have shut down in fear that she will strike at their center, again killing innocent animals without cause. There is an advisory committee being formed to bring about changes to the rehabilitation laws and now the State is allowing Patricia Thompson to be on that committee. That being the case, rehabilitators will not be free to discuss problems (directly related to Patricia Thompson) therefore positive changes will not be possible. After all of the dramatic problems Patricia Thompson has caused the State, the rehabilitators and the animals who are really the ones that suffer, Patricia Thompson should be terminated from her position in WDFW.

     Some of these Wildlife Rehabilitors do amazing things for animals and as a result for the surrounding communities. Wildlife Rehabilitors are necessary. If you love animals, sign this petition. Even if you're a hunter, you should sign this petition. The number of small game and large game animals rehabs return to the wild every year is in the hundreds.

     Patricia Thompson needs to be removed from the position she is abusing or more animals will be killed for absolutely no reason. What she does is illegal and the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is aware.