Punishment for specialists and Washington County Sheriff, Oregon for killing a baby bear.

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Oregon wildlife officials say they were forced to kill a cute young black bear after he became familiar with people who fed him regularly and took selfies with him.

Since early June, Oregon police have received frequent calls about the bear, which is usually seen near their favorite boat ramp on Lake Henry Hagg, about 15 miles west of Portland's suburbs.

On Wednesday, the Washington County Sheriff's Office posted a warning on Twitter to stay away from the area when officers tried to encourage the animal to leave the ramp. Soon after, they tweeted that he had wandered into the forest.

The wildlife officials concluded that the bear had grown into human interaction and could pose a threat to the safety of the people, so they made the decision to shoot him and kill him.

This is an embarrassment and lack of humanity and professionalism the authorities should have sought another solution, place it in a sanctuary or seek help from specialists, however they chose the easiest way, they chose to kill a helpless animal, it's a shame, the people who took the decision to take this life must be fired and punished for animal abuse, justice for baby bear.