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Create Resources for Cats in Washington County NY

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Washington County has an overabundance of stray cats. There is currently no dedicated shelter for the county, and many people and farms are overrun with cats that are dropped off, and continue to repopulate at rates that continue to make the issue worse and worse. Due to this need, F.A.C.T. Animal Rescue is starting a spay/neuter program for the county in order to try and gain control of this problem in a humane way. This is a program that will need a lot of funding, and we are asking Washington County to help support our program. Although the budget has already been passed for 2017, we are asking that the Washington County board of directors consider allocating funds in their 2018 budget for this program. In the meantime, the Washington County board of directors could take steps towards making the spay/neuter program a county program.  It is imperative that Washington County residents have options for the cats in their community.  The cost of spay/neuter has skyrocketed over the years, costing $200-$300 at many veterinary offices.  The people reaching out for assistance are typically those who have taken in stray cats who cannot afford this high cost.  People are in this position because there are no resources for stray cats or people who need to rehome their cats in Washington County, other than small rescues.  However, small rescues simply cannot keep up with the need.

This petition is asking Washington County to do the following:

1) Allocate significant funding for a spay/neuter program for Washington County residents in their 2018 budget and make the program into a COUNTY program, not a program through a small rescue.

2) For 2017: Add the current program information to their website so that more residents are aware of the program.

3) Create options for stray cats and those who need to rehome their cats.  This could mean working with shelters and rescues in the area, or allocating resources so that a county shelter can be opened in the near future.

The goal of this petition is to create resources for Washington County residents that will come from the county.  The county and individual towns allocate funds in their budget for animal control services for dogs, but not for cats.  That needs to change.

We encourage everyone aware of this serious problem to sign this petition so we can show the county how important this is for the residents.

Please feel free to write a letter, email, or call your local town board or county board members to explain the importance for these services.  Their information can be found at this link:

Mr. Robert A. Henke
Board of Supervisors Chairman
Municipal Center
383 Broadway Building B
Fort Edward, NY 12828
Phone: 518-746-2210

Finance Committee Members:

Meeting Dates can be found here:

You may also make your concerns public by writing a Letter to the Editor at:

Please sign and help us get to the root of a very sad problem in our community.

If you would like to read more about the current spay/neuter program started by F.A.C.T. Animal Rescue, or donate to assist the current efforts, please visit: and

Thank you for your support!

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