Remove Eli Wehbe as partner from Warwick LA and all other nightlife establishments

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Attached is a civil suit against Eli Wehbe and Shawne Merriman regarding the wrongful death of Kimberly Fattorini.


The documents contain proof that Eli Wehbe did the following:

  1. aided in the act of drugging women he invited to his residence, including Kimberly, with the date rape drug GHB
  2. invited his friends, including ex-NFL football player Shawne Merriman, with full knowledge that said women would get sexually assaulted
  3. ignored text messages from Kimberly, who realized she was drugged and was scared for her safety, right before her death
  4. took no responsibility and showed no remorse regarding the death of Kimberly, who was found dead, half-naked, and with her pants unbuttoned
  5. engaged in collusion with anonymous members of the police force who gave him confidential information regarding Kimberly's autopsy

How is it possible that someone like this remains in a position of power at a top LA nightclub? How is it possible that upon a simple google search of his name none of this comes up? Easy. Money and connections. Very easy to sweep under the rug when not many people know the truth. Fortunately for Kim, and unfortunately for Eli, this lawsuit has been made known to the public.

Nightclub establishments should aim to make women feel safe and take the proper measures to do so. We are the majority population of your client base. How can any woman feel safe if a club’s head promoter is involved in a wrongful death lawsuit where there is legal evidence that he uses GHB the date rape drug to (in his own words) “puts girls to sleep”?

Eli’s actions hopefully do not represent Warwick’s values, and if he is not removed, our only choice is to believe that Warwick, as a group, is endorsing and accepting of drugging women, even if it leads to someone's death. We can only imagine that many women will start to boycott the club for this reason.

The nightlife industry MUST make an example out of Eli Wehbe, hold him accountable, and show him that there are consequences to such heinous actions. He may be able to buy himself out of legal consequences with his cop connections and his money, but I think we can agree on one thing: even when the legal system fails us, our social system shouldn’t. The time of powerful men getting away with taking advantage of women is OVER.

We are encouraging Eli's close celebrity friends to use their platforms to show that they do not condone this kind of behavior. You have an obligation as a person of influence to set an example for the next generation and those who see you as a role model. You cannot call yourself a female ally and simultaneously stand by and watch as this unapologetic person gets away with drugging and aiding in the rape of young women; in this case, the drugging and aiding in the rape of Kimberly Fattorini, who has unfortunately now died as a result. If you don't stand up for her, you are no better than him. @GEazy @MachineGunKelly @BrodyJenner @DrewTaggart @MartinGarrix @DanBilzerian @TravisBarker @Halsey @ParisHilton @FloydMayweather @KyrieIrving @KendraWilkinson @KevinHart @WilmerValderrama @Alesso @Miguel @BlakeGriffin @NicoleScherzinger @OdellBeckhamJr @JenaFrumes @AmandaCerny @JordanClarksons @Neymar @Karrueche @PaulGeorge @LoganPaul @ChrisBrown

It’s easy, really. JUST DO THE RIGHT THING. Make sure you are able to look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you acted in the best interest of others.

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