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End BNSF railroad’s dependence on hauling and burning fossil fuels. Partner with Gov. Inslee to electrify, increase track speeds, and run your trains on 100% renewable energy from Seattle to Chicago.

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Dear Mr. Buffett,

Please, stop "hedging your bets" with investments in further use of fossil fuels that are guaranteed to harm the climate and the well being of future generations.  Your railroad, BNSF's reliance on shipping coal and oil is not sustainable for your company, your workers, or the planet.  These fuels are causing climate disruption, ocean acidification, damaging public health, and endangering the environments and cultural inheritance of the communities through which they travel. 

As the owner, you have the capacity to break the BNSF's and the railroad industry's addiction to the consumption and transport of fossil fuels.  You alone have the power to transform the role and impact of railroads from being part of the problem to being a pivotal component of the solution. 

As you have pointed out, transportation by rail is 3-4 times more energy efficient than by truck.  Electrification of the railroad would multiply that efficiency again by 3.  Investment in modernization of rail lines will deliver higher speeds, which will draw high value freight off of trucks on our overburdened highways and make intercity passenger service more attractive. Electrified rail can run on zero emissions energy from wind, sun and other renewable sources.  It is even possible for your railroad's right-of-way to serve as a highly efficient HVDC transmission corridor for clean, renewable energy. 

We call this vision Solutionary Rail.  We urge you to work with Governor Jay Inslee and other regional leaders to make the Northern Transcon part of the solution for future generations.  Implement the Solutionary Rail model to create a backbone for sustainable transport and renewable energy infrastructure in the region through which BNSF rolls.  Establish your legacy as the benevolent billionaire who had the wisdom to invest in a pivot to a sustainable future.

Familiarize yourself with Solutionary Rail by listening to this interview:


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