Stop using our Kids United band name to promote your copy cat musical group.

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Warner Music France and the Warner Music Group, stop using our band name Kids United to promote your Copy Cat Musical Group and passing them off as the original Kids United in name, idea, and ethics.  

Kids United, also known as is a British, London based Hip Hip/Pop musical group made up of five children.  The musical group was created by Jaime De Aguiar, his nephews and nieces, are the founding members of the group, established in 2005. The group was created as a way to give children, a voice, through their music and campaigning on child and animal welfare issues.  They were first made famous when BBC Radio 4, aired a news special to millions of it's listeners, to help promote their music and in which they also talk about the business side of selling their music on the website, and their involvement with the animal charity the Born Free Foundation. 

Kids United is not only a musical group but also campaigners, who headed campaigns such as to help establish a National Children's Day, in the UK., which now exists every 12th of May, thanks to their campaigning.  They also lead a campaign to make people aware of World Children's Day, which they did through the use of their music and a song called "KIDS UNITED", the  World Children's Day Anthem Song. And with help from a cartoon character called "Mc Grizzly", who performs the lead vocals on this track. The song has been available to buy Worldwide, since 2005, with proceeds going to children and animal charities such as the Born Free Foundation.

Please sign our petition to stop Warner Music France and the Warner Music Group, from using our band name Kids United to promote their Copy Cat Musical Group of the same name, which is causing confusion and damagingly affecting the Worldwide sales of our charity song KIDS UNITED.

Thank you!

Jaime De Aguiar, CEO, Bangin' Records.

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