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WARNER BROTHERS/DCCU: Cast Vera Farmiga as the Next On-Screen Incarnation of the Joker

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I've always been a huge fan of DC Comics. But DC Entertainment has been struggling recently in the film department. Look, I'm not saying the movies are bad, but they could go in a better direction, right? My point is: nothing's perfect, everything has room for improvement. 

When DC Entertainment cast Viola Davis - star of ABC's How to Get Away with Murder - I was in complete shock. What perfect casting! Viola knows how to bring an intensity and a vulnerability to every character she's played (just watch the show, trust me). But until recently, Mrs. Davis hasn't been on the big screen all that much. It took TV to get her into the homes of millions of Americans (look, I'm not complaining... I love HTGAWM, especially the first season). 

I know I can get off track and a little long-winded sometimes, so here's another simplification. My point is: sometimes the smallest names, the TV stars, are the best talents you can get for your Hollywood productions

Sometimes you just have to take a risk and go with the unlikely choice.

Now Suicide Squad had its flaws, and Davis' character (Amanda Waller) wasn't as round as she could have been. But did Viola kill it with the screen time she did have? Hell yes, she did! 

So who's next in line?! What fresh, yet familiar talent are they going to get to keep this thing unique, intense, dynamic, vulnerable, aggressive, in-your-face, never-seen-before?! 


Why?! I'll tell you why. I hope you're still reading...

Vera's been around for I-don't-know-how-long despite being a very relieving, fresh face in the Hollywood scene.

Do I remember her from that early 2000's Manchurian Candidate re-make with Denzel Washington, Liev Schreiber, and Meryl Streep? YES.

Weird that I remember her given that she was a pretty insignificant role up against that cast? NOPE. 

Here's why: 

Vera Farmiga is an ACTOR. You can't forget someone who is something through-and-through. 

Vera has been playing the mother of one of the most famous psychopaths in cinematic history for the past ~6 years, and I think she's made quite the impression. A&E didn't pass up on the TV prequel to Hitchcock's Psycho, and they didn't pass up on Vera Farmiga as Ms. Norma Bates either (I'm talking about Bates Motel, guys).

Why? Because she's incredible. 

Instead of taking it from me, here's a quick compilation of some of her more ferocious scenes from the first 4 seasons of the show (of course there are minor spoilers, but do yourself a favor and watch just a few of these bad-boys because let-me-tell-you, you haven't lived until you've seen Vera go full freak-out mode).

So why does DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. need to tap into some more of that ferocious vulnerability?! Because Vera Farmiga could, and should, play one of the most iconic incarnations of the Joker that cinephiles would ever witness. Period.  

wait. WHAT?! 

Vera Farmiga as the Joker?! That's crazy-talk..... right?! 


You see, in the comics there was actually this... well, to make a long story short... alternate reality thing where Bruce Wayne (Batman) was the only victim of the iconic Batman mugging. As a result, Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) became the vigilante Batman instead. And what happened to Martha Wayne, his mother? Oh, she just turned into the Joker.  

Yeah... talk about some hard-hitting vulnerable ferocity.

Does she look familiar? Because she does to me... Is that you, Vera?! 

Ok, ok, ok. But why would DC Entertainment waste time setting up an alternate reality just to have Vera Farmiga play the Joker and satisfy your inner fanboy desire of being a DC Entertainment screenwriter or creative consultant?!

*cough, cough* pls *cough, cough*  

Well, because DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. shouldn't feel restricted by the comics they are paying homage to. Yeah, that's right.  

They don't need to set-up an alternate reality to have another Joker in the cinematic universe. They don't need to have an excuse to have a female Joker, either. The material is there, so all the pedantic misogynists can stop.  

So where/when would Vera ever play the Joker?! 

Did you guys ever see Batman: The Animated Series? It was a 1990's cartoon, and it is cherished. Once the show was over though, Warner started another series called Batman Beyond. Ring any bells? Yeah, well, there was a continuity to it. Even among the cast and crew. 

One of the first few Batman Beyond stories I ever saw was called Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, which was pretty provocative given that I didn't even know the Joker was gone in the first place! 

Well, in the show, and in the feature-length-ish Return of the Joker storyline, there are many Joker impostors who keep the spirit of the Joker alive, quite literally. The real, original Joker isn't around anymore. It's been far too long and he's definitely passed on somehow. Who knows. 

So fulfill two things that absolutely need to happen for your fans, DC and Warner: one, make a live-action Batman Beyond movie within the continuity of your new cinematic universe, do it right, keep us intrigued, show us why DC is different, why it holds its own ground. Split us up into timelines, play with the future, muddle things up a bit but keep it all straight, and, two, get some new talent in there that can hold their own ground.

Who better than Vera Farmiga for another interesting take on the Joker that isn't trying to actually be THE Joker?! You won't put our panties in a twist. No, instead, this is the direction we want you to go. Take it somewhere different again, somewhere fresh. 

Into familiar, but completely unfamiliar territory. 

Do this, and you can put yourself in the lead. I'm not saying squash Marvel (look, I'm a fan of both sides). But for God's sake, don't lose Keaton AND Farmiga (I'm only kidding... too soon?!). 

Now I realize this isn't just the studios' and their executives' decision to make. I realize this is Vera's decision, too. But Vera... could you really pass this up?! We both know you'd be incredible. 

Please, Vera. Do it for the fans. Be the Joker.

Please, fans. Show your support for this, if you're down.

Please, DC and Warner. Do it for us. Get Farmiga. Get Vera. 

And come on, let Davis and Farmiga show the Bat who's boss. 

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