Warner Bros/Warner Media and DC Films, Fire Amber Heard from her role as Mera in the DCEU

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Many know of the infamous marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. After their divorce in 2016, allegations arose that Johnny Depp was physically abusing Amber Heard, causing massive controversy and nearly damaging Depp's reputation. But it turns out, Ms. Heard was actually abusing Mr. Depp, and there is actual evidence that the Aquaman actress was in another domestic violence incident in 2009. There is evidence that Heard caused bruises on Depp, and purposefully made the false allegations to purposefully damage Johnny Depp's reputation as an actor.

Although Ms. Heard gave a worthwhile performance as Princess Mera in Aquaman, this is a case of separating art from the artist. There is a high probability that these false allegations could potentially lead Ms. Heard under the charges of false accusations. And should it go to court, this could overshadow her many movie roles, and fans could potentially boycott future DC Films which could result in faltering box office results. Therefore, I am calling upon Warner Media (the people that now own Warner Bros. Pictures and their many sister studios) and the people who represent DC Films to fire Amber Heard from her contract with the DC Extended Universe, and replace her with an actress with a far more cleaner reputation to portray Princess Mera.