#SaveTheBunker - Saving Supernatural's Centerpiece Set

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On March 1st, 2020, Misha Collins tweeted about giving GISHers the opportunity to see the Supernatural set "before the sets are dismantled forever" (see original tweet here: https://twitter.com/mishacollins/status/1234232798178734080 It is standard practice for sets to be destroyed and set components auctioned off after a series ends, but most of us within the SPN Family were unaware of this practice prior to Misha's tweet.

Filming ends on Supernatural the beginning of April. 

As a fandom, we have shown that we are willing to invest our time and our money into this show. We are hoping that there is a way for us to partner with Warner Brothers and the show's production staff and crew to preserve the most iconic part of Supernatural's sets: The Bunker (specifically, the stairwell, the War Room, the Library, and the kitchen).

The Bunker has been a part of this genre-redefining television series for just under half of its 15 year run. The attention to detail is astounding--from the art-deco inspired motifs to the warding sigils built into the freizes. It is a piece of art in and of itself, but it has also been an emotional heart of the series as the first permanent home that Dean and Sam Winchester ever experienced. As such, it has also acquired significant resonance for the fandom, who hope it can be saved.

Please sign and this petition to show your support for the fandom working to find ways to preserve the Bunker set, so that this piece of art, of television history, and of emotional significance to the fandom, is not lost forever when filming ends.

Thank you. 

See more about the Bunker and its construction here: http://www.screenfad.com/supernatural/supernatural-men-of-letters-bunker-jerry-wanek-jensen-ackles-5540