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Remove the Family drama from the Tomb Raider Franchise

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The community of the Tomb Raider games and most of the Lara Croft fanbase, are really tired exploring the same theme in the last couple of games and movies, where our heroine is tossed around the world in search of her own missing or long lost parents.

While we understand that the game series and the film needed a fresh start, and that Lara had to become a more modern time character, serving the same idea over and over, ever since the 2001 Movie starring Angelina Jolie, has already been proven to be tiresome at best. We are bored of the continuous Croft family drama, and wish for this to stop to the point, where Lara's life and adventures actually focus on Tomb Raiding, archaeology and real adventure. Please quit repeating he same ideas over and over.

The upcoming movie is already been said to aim its focus around young Lara searching for her long lost father at the coast of Japan, which was initially promised as screening of the 2013 game - however at this point it contradicts that promise altogether.

It has been said also by the movie director Roar Uthaug and other people participating in the screening of the upcoming film, that fans would be happy to find many hints and ideas borrowed from previous games - not only the 2013 reboot. Well, we probably would, if you weren't introducing the same tired story of Lara searching for her father.

As a long time fans, we require both the film makers at Warner Brother Studios, along with the people responsible for creating the next games at Crystal Dynamics to quit focusing on Lara's family members, and on actual Tomb Raiding adventure to which we were drawn in the Tomb Raider games for so long and what we are longing for.

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