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Release Injustice 2 on PC with Xbox One and PS4

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Recently, Injustice 2 was announced to be released next year, but only on PS4 and Xbox One. As you all may know, WB Games and NR Studios has a history of neglecting the PC platform, with the delayed releases of Injustice 1, MK9, and the botched port of MKX, following in the decision to not release MKXL or update the game at all on PC, topped with the infamously atrocious port of Batman: Arkham Knight. The port was so bad, it had to be pulled from sales for months. And they decide to handle PC not by making the ports better, but to simply give up, further making the PC community victims of circumstance. Well, this petition is to persuade NR and WB to reconsider their ignorance, and give the PC port the effort it deserves, and not shove it off to amateurs like High Voltage Studios. Hopefully if enough people sign this, it will grab the attention of the studios making Injustice 2, and warrant some kind of response. Please, tell your friends an online teammates about this petition. Hopefully, justice will be done. 

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