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Let "THE BUTLER" Keep Its Name!

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I was completely outraged when I recently heard about controversy around the name of the upcoming film The Butler. Warner Brothers is claiming they will not allow The Weinstein Company to leave this new film with the original title The Butler because they have a 1916 short film with the same title. A short film that is practically unavailable, even on the Internet. Claiming that this new movie will take away from the 1916 short and cause confusion for the audience is almost as ridiculous as saying my name, Katy Butler, will create confusion. Should I change my last name so Warner Brothers' short is easier to find on google?!

The title of a film has so much power; it sets the tone for the audience which in this case, as it conveys an important message about very real injustices in our history, is indispensable. This film deserves its original title The Butler to better provide appropriate context for the millions of viewers who will be affected by the film's content.

I am still so young and even I can see the Warner Brothers' argument is ridiculous! We need to tell them to stop this frivolous argument and let The Butler keep its title to have a chance to be seen as intended.

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