Keep Johnny Depp as Grindelwald!

Keep Johnny Depp as Grindelwald!

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Started by Alexandra Waters

It has come to pass that Mr. Depp has been unfairly asked to step down from his role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.  Not only has this man endured horrific abuse, but he has also endured public ridicule, endless court battles, and slanderous lies.  It came to light that Amber Herd was the abuser and just Mr. Depp is STILL paying the price for his involvement with her.  Stop causing this man more pain than he has already endured.  He has the support of the Harry Potter community, and we are a community that spans the globe.  We stand with Johnny Depp and wish to only see him fill the role of Gelert Grindelwald.  We are tired of seeing a man who has overcome so much still have his livelihood stripped away from him, giving him one more battle to fight. 

If Amber Heard can abuse this man and still be in Aquaman, then Warner Bros. can easily make the same decision for the Fantastic Beasts franchise and Johnny Depp!  He is not an actor who is easily replaced, and not only will losing this role affect him, but it will also affect an entire franchise unfairly (as historically, when main characters are replaced for any reason but death, the subsequent movies tend to do poorly in comparison.)  Shame on Disney as well for dropping him from PotC! 

Lastly, we need to STOP setting the precedent that victims who don’t have perfect, squeaky clean histories deserve to continue to be punished. He was in a bad relationship, he endured awful abuse, he’s dealing with his legal battles and the public backlash as best as he can. 
Let him handle his personal life, and STOP punishing a victim by taking away a potentially iconic role. He has suffered enough. 

Rescind your demand of Johnny Depp’s resignation. Stop punishing victims for being victims!

Keep him in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. 


301,077 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000!