Emilia Clarke to replace amber heard as Mera on Aquaman 2

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Amber heard should be replaced by Emilia Clarke as Mera, Amber heard has falsely accused Johnny Depp of abusing her when it turns out she is the abuser herself I feel like if she stays on the movie/ franchise this will send a bad message, we should not condone any type of abuse if the Aquaman writers brought awareness to the polution in the water and how our sea animals die, then why would they keep an abuser? Amber should be punished accordingly, as for Emilia she has much better chemistry with Jason plus they are comfortable with one another, Emilia is also a fan/people favourite they will be good publicity for the movie since everyone loves Emilia and has had any bad press, she's amazing warm and caring the kind of person kids can look up to, I don't think Emilia will just take this as another movie role, I feel like she will take this more seriously than Amber.