Do not fire Amber Heard of Aquaman 2

Do not fire Amber Heard of Aquaman 2

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This petition is not to generate hate towards Johny Deep, we write to you with all respect. Because in the past days there has been a polemic, that includes Johnny Deep and Amber Heard. I got to know that in their relationship there was gender violence. I do not know if part of Johnny’s gender violence to Amber, Amber’s to Johnny or both being But honestly like a women who is fan of DC, I think the petition of the other DC fans to remove Amber of Aquaman is very unfair because we do not know who is telling the truth, that is something the two parts know.
The only thing we are requesting is: “please do not fire Amber, she was working very good in Aquaman, and we will be very sad if she does not appear in Aquaman 2. Because I repeat, we do not know if the audio infiltrated is the real audio or just a edition with some parts edited . Maybe Johnny and Amber were suffering violence in that relationship.

The other fans said Amber is a liar and DC needs to fire her, when they just listen a part of the history.
Please, we expect you to bring us to a solution, but analyze the situation before taking a decision.

Thanks for your attention and your time.

4,907 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 5,000!