Warner Brothers/DC Comics: Restore the classic Wonder Woman character and her mission of peace

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Wonder Woman was traditionally a character sent on a mission to bring peace to "man's world" by a society of wise, benevolent Amazons on Paradise Island, with the help of many of the gods. Her greatest enemy was Ares/Mars, the god of war. Sculpted from clay, she was given life by the gods, and has been considered one of the greatest feminist icons of the last century--so much so that she was on the cover of the first issue of Ms. Magazine. While she has been willing to use violence when absolutely necessary, traditionally she has tried to use reason and kindness first.

Unfortunately, in DC Comics' "New 52" DC Universe, since late 2011, this has changed. Wonder Woman is now the daughter of Zeus. The Amazons are now thuggish and cruel, with a stereotypical outright hatred of men, perpetuating their race by seducing sailors and then murdering them, and would have killed any male babies born if not for the intervention of Hephaestus, who trades weapons for them. Wonder Woman herself now carries a sword at all times and is frequently aggressively bloodthirsty, killing much more frequently than ever before. Most of the gods are callous if not outright evil, and only a few of them--peculiarly, the male gods, including Ares--are on Wonder Woman's side. This is sad and troubling. If it were an alternate take on the character that one could ignore (like DC's "Elseworlds" series), that would not be as bad, but this is the current official version of the character. This version turns the entire concept of Wonder Woman on its head and twists it inside out.

I'm not asking for DC to get rid of this version, as many readers seem to enjoy it, but I am asking for our classic Wonder Woman back, even if she's not set in the current official DC universe. DC has two comics featuring out-of-continuity stories with classic versions of both Superman and Batman--Adventures of Superman and Legends of the Dark Knight. I would like there to be some sort of alternative for Wonder Woman as well.

As a role-model, she's been inspiring to generations, especially (but not only) to girls and women, and not having any version like that around at all is a tragic thing in our day and age.

As Christie Marston--the graddaughter of Wonder Woman's creator--has said on her own webpage, "Share the Wonder: the Marston Wonder Woman Message Project" at (and reprinted here with her permission):

"What makes Wonder Woman unique? And why is she still ‘alive’??

"She’s real to people. A hero. An inspiration. A role model who actually does make the world a better place. A comfort. A friend.

"The true life stories that I’ve been reading are mind blowing. From people all over the globe. Very different people; very diverse. Age, gender, politics, race, religious preference, sexual orientation, education, economic and social class all go by the wayside.

"The common theme to almost all can be summed up simply – human values. People want and need someone in their lives who represents and upholds values which are dear to them. People are sick of war and misery and lies and suffering; sickened by all of “mans’ inhumanity to man”. People want a role model who points the way to a better life – and a better world.

"Wonder Woman has been that ‘someone’ for generations. She has inspired individuals to be their best. She has solaced and encouraged. She has helped people make that extra effort, go that extra mile.

"Wonder Woman may have started out as pen and ink on a comic page, but she has become a very real – and very valuable - part of our world."

Please do the right thing and rectify this.  The world needs the real Wonder Woman!

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