DC Collectables! Release the Blue and Gold DC Icons set!!

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DC Collectables! Release the Blue and Gold DC Icons set!!

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Started by George Pooley

In the pantheon of superhero greats there stands two apart from the rest. The Hetero Dynamic Duo for the Modern Age... Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Blue and Gold!! 

First brought together by their time in the Justice League International, Blue and Gold became the standout members with their penchants for pranks, witty banter and get-rich-quick schemes. The friendship and adventures lasted over two decades and has been looked at with fondness for all those who have read their adventures.

I, like many others, was therefore thrilled to find out that DC Collectibles were planning on releasing a Blue and Gold set for their DC Icons range. The set would feature both heroes and props from one of their most memorable (business) ventures, Club JLI. The set was scheduled for release during Summer 2017. 

However in March of 2017, pre-orders for the figures were cancelled and the set vanished from release schedules. This was along with a number of other releases that DC had teased the year prior at Toy Fair. There has been no formal statement from DC as to why these were removed from the release calendar, and any messages that have been sent to DC Collectibles customer support have been met with bewilderment.

This petition therefore is a message to DC Collectibles and Warner Bros that their fans, readers and collectors  want to see the release of the Blue and Gold set (among others, including the teased Etrigan figure and Deadshot).

With such a vast and beloved history it is a shame that DC relies so heavily on their core few characters rather than giving the rest of their universe a time to shine in collectible format. 

Please sign your name on this petition of you want to see DC change their stance on collectibles, and so we can get Booster and Beetle immortalised once more.

Many thanks for your time

- George 'A Fan'

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This petition had 166 supporters

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