Bring back Hartley Sawyer to The Flash

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Hartley Sawyer, who played Ralph Dibny on CW’s The Flash, was fired over racist, misogynistic and various other inappropriate tweets made between 2009 and 2015. I believe Hartley should not have been fired, as this happened years before his job on The Flash, and that he has shown in the years since, both publicly and among his friends, that he is a changed person. I would like your help to bring him back to The Flash, a show that has, for so long, been a source of hope and positivity, including themes of redemption and reminding its viewers that we can always change and choose to do good. I know I’m not the only one, and I’m willing to bet that there are enough people who believe in Hartley that we can make a difference and get him back on the show.

Like his character on The Flash, Hartley has grown and become a better person. If we are to have any hope for the world, we must allow people to grow the way he has, and not to punish them after the fact. No matter what we have done in the past, we all have the choice to become heroes. Hartley has proven this, and he deserves a second chance.