Bring Back Ben Affleck as Batman and give him full creative control of a Batman movie.

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Recently, in an interview, Ben Affleck revealed that the real reason he stepped away from his role is because of the troubled production of Justice League (due to Studio Interference). We know that a new Batman film is under production at Warner Bros, but since it is not connected to the established continuity of the current line of DC Films, it is quite possible for Ben to still direct, and star, in another Batman film. He even has a finished script and already crew in mind(as told by planned DoP for the film, Robert Richardson). 

Through this petition, we would like to inform Warner Bros and AT&T that there is still a solid demand for Ben's vision. But we want Warner and AT&T to give full creative control to Ben Affleck, with no studio interference, which has happened to many previous DC Films(Suicide Squad, Justice League).

Ben, on many occasions, has expressed his desire to still direct(and maybe, star in?) a DC movie, and we as fans would be really pleased if Warner Bros decides to make it. They have a new studio, Warner Max, to create content for their HBO Max streaming service which could be a good place for Ben's Batman movie.