Boycott Warner Bros.

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After Johnny Depp lost his libel case against The Sun , Warner Bros. fired him from playing Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts franchise without caring about the truth or the victim which in this case was Johnny . 
They supported and protected Amber Heard which with her own voice admitted abusing him but this was nothing for them so they kept an abuser and fired the victim !

As if this was not enough what they did now has reached the limit not only for Johnny but for all domestic violence survivors! They publicly decided to shame and tease him for being a victim in a musical number in their Animaniacs reboot show ( 1 episode ) !! And by the look of events it is obvious that for them it’s funny to shame victims and call them liars.

It is wrong to let them think that just because they are powerful they can offend REAL victims of abuse , so please everyone let us show them that power can not silence and shame victims !!! Let us show them that without us they are NOTHING!