Justice for Johnny Depp

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People believe in Johnny Depp's innocence 

We demand Warner Bros and Disney to give him both roles back as Grindelwald and Captain Jack Sparrow. 

The world has seen who the real abuser was and that was Amber Heard. All evidence is really obvious showing Johnny was a victim of domestic violence and physical abuse by Heard. 

We believe his roles on the Warner Bros films should be respected regardless of his personal life and problems at court. He isn't a criminal but a victim of domestic violence. There are videos, testimonials and witnesses that state he is in fact a victim and not a perpetrator. 

It is a big injustice for Warner Bros to have requested Johnny Depp to resign. Grindelwald will always be Johnny Depp and nobody else just as Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Warner Bros should be more respectful of their employees and the artists working for them and publicly expose an APOLOGY to Johnny Depp after being discriminated from working on these films. 

By signing this petition I encourage people to speak up and support the rights of male victims of domestic abuse, they have the right of being heard and supported, they must be protected by their employers and not retaliated against. 

John Christopher Depp the II is an innocent man victim of domestic abuse! He has been victim of injustice by the British court systems who disregarded all evidence he placed on the table. 

He deserves his employer Warner Bros to apologize publicly for treating him so bad and his job be reinstated.