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Adding a disclaimer or explanatory message to "300: Rise of an Empire"

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The Warner Bros.’/Legendary Pictures’ motion picture, "300: Rise of an Empire", which is based on the battles of Marathon, Artemisium and Salamis, including the aftermath at Thermopylae, contains omissions, embellishments and a general lack of historicity that pervades the entire movie. Viewers may be aware that the film is an ahistorical interpretation based to some extent on writer, Frank Miller’s yet to be published comic book series, "Xerxes". However, to an audience unfamiliar with the works of Herodotus, who is the primary historian of these conflicts, the film will be misleading in its depiction of the Greeks, Persians, their commanders and royalty, and the landmark battles of the Graeco-Persian Wars.


While a disc of extras in a special edition that accompanies the release of a DVD may provide an explanation and a more realistic portrayal of the campaign and its combatants, viewers who do not have access to these materials may remain uninformed. Furthermore, the release on other formats, including cable TV, will not include any of these segments. Inserting the verbiage, “Based on a true story” or “Inspired by real events”, etc. that generally precedes the airing of a film which has a factual basis, will be clichéd and insufficient. Therefore, we are requesting that a disclaimer be added to "300: Rise of an Empire" prior to its release on the secondary market, which will clarify that a liberal use of artistic license has been taken.


We feel that it is important to make this distinction since the motion picture whose content is R-rated will inevitably be watched by impressionable students under the age of 18. Unfortunately, what is viewed by a younger audience with respect to a film based on a historical event is that it is perceived to be predominantly factual. A concession in the form of an explanatory message will educate the students about the movie’s content and may help enlighten those who wish to learn more about several of antiquity’s greatest battles, the Achaemenid Empire and ancient Greece.

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