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Most of the latest movies by DC have been poorly received, Wonder Woman being one of the few exceptions.

What DC needs: Geoff Johns

You need someone like Kevin Feige. From day 1 he's planned the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's overseen every movie director to make sure it all went together. Disney didn't interfere with his work. You have Geoff Johns, DC's head. Make him the creative consultant, don't interfere with him. Let him do his own thing, he's already made the comics with Rebirth a HUGE success, he can oversee some of the story of the DCEU. Don't give him crazy deadlines, he's a businessman he knows that stuff needs to happen, but rushing it only hurts the story and movies.

Do your own thing. Put passion into each one. DC stands to make way more money than Marvel if they can get it right. Cast well, get directors who love these characters and know them and want to make good movies, develop those plots, develop the individual characters, and build with more movies, don't try to build random connections in one movie.

Take a page from Marvel's book, don't try to be Marvel.

So in conclusion, make Geoff Johns the Creative Head, the man you consult while developing each movie, of the DCEU. You need one man, a passionate comics maker who's also a businessman. He's the head of Dc comics, and he already made Rebirth a success, he can help with the DCEU, as seen with Wonder Woman. Don't interfere, let him be (Warner Bros).

 Now, who's the actual Kevin Feige of DC, the true man in control, is another issue, one I'd appreciate input on in the comments!