Fire Aquaman 2 Producer Peter Safran

Fire Aquaman 2 Producer Peter Safran

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MELISSA F started this petition to Warner Bros and

"Fire Amber Heard, or fire those who should be firing her, for not firing her!

Warner Bros is ignoring its fan base (and social justice, propriety, and reality) yet again whilst they seem quite happy with themselves about it! Producer Peter Safran said this week, 

  •  “I don’t think we’re ever going to react to, honestly, pure fan pressure. You gotta do what’s best for the movie. We felt that if it’s (director) James Wan, and (lead male actor) Jason Momoa, it should be (female lead actor) Amber Heard. That’s really what it was.”
    The Petition to remove Heard from her role has reportedly drawn “1.8 Million signatures and counting.”

Despite huge pressure from fans and Hollywood alike, including a litany of legal problems in three or more countries across the world, Amber Heard REFUSES to budge to the pressure and do what's right. Only someone without any shame could have so much evidence against them floating online in all circles, yet choose to retain their position in the film. Only a producer with no shame would keep her.

She is not alone. Not only is she being protected from justice by very powerful organizations-- she's dragging others into her legal battles and implicating them in her fantastical tales of brutality and abuse. She's even subpoena'd the LAPD and accused the officers who specialize in Domestic Violence, of not doing their job right! Her biggest enabler so far are her lying entourage, Judge Nicols (friend) and Peter Safran (boss). Not to mention Elon Musk, the ALCU, and the poor Childrens hospital whom are still waiting for her pledged donations.

As for the man allowing this to happen (Peter Safron), he should not be gloating but rather filing his resignation! Instead of firing both actors, WB chose to boot the victim and the abuser remains. This is social injustice at quite a visible level and its surprising at how proud this producer seems to be with himself and his demonstrably despicable decisions.

As for Amber Heard, she started it ALL. She should be paying the price for this litany of bad repute.

Her divorce was messy but that's why there was an NDA signed, so both parties could move on amicably. Amber Heard ignored it and threw abuse claims at her former husband Johnny Depp like they were skittles, thus instigating said legal battles.

All it took was her word on a scandalous British tabloid for Peter Safran and other Warner Bros big wigs to not only ask for Johnny Depp's resignation in an already being filmed "Fantastical Beasts" sequel--but Disney took him off their roster of Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as well. All over a well timed "hit piece" coinciding with Amber Heard being named the ALCU "Ambassador". Johnny Depp lost his roles and has an ongoing court case to battle in order to clear his name and undo what she has done to him, her supposed ex paramour. The love of her life. The man she's tried to frame since they got married and long before..

Demonstrably as well, this is not the first relationship that she has been abusive in; her prior arrest record speaks volumes when it comes to her history in hurting people she loves, like her ex girlfriend. Not to mention what she does to her own sister and employees behind closed doors.

Needless to say, fans are not happy AT ALL with this woman representing a Justice League Character. Its absolutely abhorrent to a LOT of people.

The political climate of "cancelling" people without proper evidence needs to change. Company puppeteers need held accountable to do their jobs, not pansder to their own politics and preferences. If your customer says change it, you should at least CONSIDER changing it.

Not even her co-stars can stand her; this indicates that at the risk of losing the REAL cast of actors for the movie (like Nichole Kidman and Jason Mamoa), Producer Peter Safran is ignoring everyone and everything in order to keep Heard on set. Why???

Why does she even have a job at this point? Amber Heard's legal troubles are serious criminal offenses; she isn't welcome in Australia without subpoena regarding Perjury she committed regarding her dogs-and she's under investigation by the FBI in the US for filing false documents (allegedly) regarding her workers. 

Wheres the proof?

Witnesses, photographs, video, audio recordings, and  testimony in court PROVE that Amber Heard did NOT have bruises or a broken nose/black eyes as she contends.. um, EVER? Much less in the days after she was supposedly accosted by Depp so violently her nose was supposedly broken. And yet she paraded down to the courthouse with a misplaced "bruise look scuff" on her cheek (nothing else) to file a restraining order against a man who admittedly would no sooner run away from her than anything else.

Photos she took of supposed bruising seemed to disappear and reappear in different spots of her face from shot to shot. Somehow overnight after supposedly getting black eyes and a broken nose in fact, she showed up on a night time comedy show--scott free of ANY injuries! Her makeup artist testified as much.

That's right folks, for the massive and heavy handed amount of physical abuse this woman claims to have been recipient of, including being thrown through a glass door and dragged by her hair through the glass and choked up onto the counter by her short husband and hit repeatedly in life changing ways.. There are ZERO medical records backing up any claims of her injuries, past or present. No one to corroborate and actually plenty who have seen the reverse!

She just doesn't have PROOF in ANY form of Johnny Depp being abusive towards her. Meanwhile 80 plus witnesses on Depps side are testifying that she NEVER got hurt by Depp, despite her attacking him like an animal! Need we mention the incident where she cut his finger off by throwing a bottle at him? High impact wound, that.

Like a child playing games, Amber Heard just decided to tell a fantastical story to save face when they asked for a prenup, and expected the world to believe her! Well, we don't. 

We are not buying Heard's lies. I certainly won't be buying into Aquaman 2 or any WB movie, show, streaming service etc. especially after Peter Safran divulged that he doesn't give a frig about his customers and fan base. Warner Bros and Disney are not "must haves" in my arsenal of entertainment. Certainly with unscrupulous people running the media giants.

As for Amber, her web of lies are coming down one after the other. Its taking time unfortunately, because as an abuser, she has surrounded herself with barriers of protection including being the "spokesperson" for many social justice causes including the ACLU! It is going to be really difficult to extract this deeply embedded blood sucking tick. But there is hope.

Humanity wise, Heard is finally showing her true colors. The divorce settlement that she promised 7 million dollars to charities (including ACLU and a Children's hospital) has been ordered by courts to show what we all knew all along. Amber Lies. These charities have seen very little of her investment whilst she has profited in full both inside and outside of court by claiming that she gave all her divorce settlement away to charity when she most definitely DID NOT.

She bolsters her court cases by claiming she is such a philanthropist and yet she has retained her settlement money and continues to claim that she's been self sufficient during her relationship with Johnny Depp.

Unless you count free rent to 3 penthouses in Hollywood Eastern Tower (a whole floor) as "self sufficient" all while accepting free Teslas from your side man--then theres yet another drop in the lie bucket for Amber Heard.

Justice Nichols is now under scrutiny for his verdict in the Sun's favor because his wife has ties to Amber Heard and Nichols has ties to The Sun (the actual defendant of Johnny Depp's British lawsuit). Not to mention his judgement was ludicrous! It's being bashed by academia left and right as we speak for good reason.

In American court however, Now those lies are being exposed inside court. I don't believe miss Heard will be able to dismiss this one so easily.

The goal of this petition is to knock big wig Producer Peter Safran from his comfortable perch and see how he likes being in the spotlight? His indignity and apatheticness towards domestic abuse survivors is shameful. Will he do the right thing if its HIS name on the line? We will find out soon!

Needless to say, fans of the Justice League will not tolerate such injustices! Either fire Amber Heard, or fire those who should be firing her for not firing her! 

Listen to reason--or expect the next petition to be "Boycott AT&T, TimeWarner, and WarnerBros!"

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