Save Gotham and bring back Camren bicondova as Catwoman

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I would like to bring this petition to warner brothers, Bruno heller, Camren bicondova, Fox network to save Gotham.

This is one of the best DC shows. I loved it and there are many more people who loves this show and it can go on till 7-8 seasons.

You can show us what happened in ten years gap when bruBr wayne was gone and Camren bicondova can return to the show to play Selina Kyle.

Fans are very disappointed by show ending so soon. Every fan loves @RobinLordTaylor, @CamrenBicondova, @DavidMazouz, @CoryMichaelSmith, @SeanPertwee, @BenMckenzie,@Donallouge And all the other actors.

Don’t end it with Season 5. Maybe move it to another network after Season 5.

Or, you can make spin-offs with same actors like Catwoman show or penguin and the Riddler. But the best option is to continue the show and probably move it to another network like THE CW network.

I’m sure fans will have more solutions. I urge Gotham fans to voice out and act on this to keep the best DC TV series running. Don’t give up!!!