Transfer World of Tanks - North America to European Server

Transfer World of Tanks - North America to European Server

3 November 2020
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Why this petition matters

Hello everyone!

We are a player base locked on the North American server of World of Tanks- for different reasons: some started to play on this server as it was out before the EU server, some were located in USA/Canada when they started to play. And even though the numbers are high, they keep not taking us into consideration, not giving the same chances to all to the players, and yet not letting us move. 

Last example: on NA server you get only 7 hours  (from 00:00 to 07:00- my time in Paris) of Ranked Battles, while the EU server gets 12 hours.

We asked so many times the transfer to EU server, and like 3 years ago, while they allowed the transfers to SEA, they said that European located players will be next. We are still waiting for it. 

Meanwhile they allowed transfer servers for the World of Warships.

We asked for better hours on Clan Wars, Tournaments or Advances, doing multiples posts on forum and plenty of tickets. What they did? They pushed it even more- making it almost impossible to at least try to be competitive. Example: Call to Arms Tournament: it was at 23:00 (my time in Paris- decent for an weekend day) - and they pushed it to 01:00. 

Advances start around 03:00 AM, Saturday War Games are at 01:00 AM. 

It is so simple: 

If we are so insignificant, allow us the transfer.

If we are so important that you guys can't let us go, create equal chances for everyone, with decent hours on at least some of the events.

Plenty of people suggested that we should start from 0 on the EU server. Let me ask you first: how many of you will abandon their work and resources invested in years to start from 0- when you know that there is a much simple and elegant way to solve this?? 

If you already did it for the SEA players, if you promised you will do it for the EU located players, then DO IT. 


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Signatures: 101Next Goal: 200
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