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Corrida's stolen tanks : that must change !

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We've seen on the last campaign how little players from the top 50 clans actually were on the top 6000.

From those 50 best clans, which got 5000 tanks, only 2324 weren't used by the clans and were redistributed based on points.

It means that from those 50 best clans, that are supposed to be the most active ones, ONLY 2676 players were actually on the top 50. Some clans weren't full, so those "non used" licenses should have been redistributed as well.

Where did the rest go ? Theses licenses have been given to players that have were on the top 50 clans, and that have done 15 games at least. Do they deserve a tank ? They haven't contributed much to their clan being in the top 50, so... no. Those players took a tank away from people that worked harder and did more on this campaign. But this is not even the worst.

Some of the clans from that top50 offered a place in their clan in exchange of money. They just had to have done 15 games in the duration of the campaign, and they got a tank at the end.

Is it the future for World Of Tanks ? Will we buy our tier 10 like any other rare tank ?

We need Wargaming to quickly react and change their policy about clan licenses, and to give the tanks to the players who did deserve it.

A petition made Wargaming change its mind on the Chieftain T95, so we can do as well here.


Thank you,


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