Issues caused by Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate

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This petition was put together mainly because we, the residents neighboring the Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate, feel that not enough is being done to address the health issues caused by the developers, Central Development.

Central Developments has been developing the land for Waterkloof Marina in Waterkloof Ridge for a number of years now. Ever since they started, their presence has been felt by all neighbors and residents. The constant vibrations and the dust have been the main issues. For too long now have our livelihood and and our well-being been neglected and exposed to the tremendous amount of dust and we demand that immediate action be taken by the developers to drastically reduce the amount of dust in the air with whatever means necessary.

We, the neighboring residents, understand a construction site will cause some level of dirt and inconvenience, but the duration and level of pollution of our homes and bodies has to decrease drastically as the impact has been felt by all, some residents already mentioning serious health concerns.

By signing this petition, you too demand that the Ward Councillor of Ward 42 (Phillip Nel) should immediately address our concerns with the Developers (Central Developments) and that immediate action be implemented and that the residents are informed of these actions.