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Steven was re united with his dog, MIMI today 11/17/10!



On NOV 11, a case was tried in FT WORTH, TX.  It was a dangerous dog case that went on for two days in Ft. Worth Municipal Court.  Steven is a young Iraq war veteran who was permanently disabled by a roadside bomb.  (He walks with a cane, has little control of his bowels, is incontinent, wears a catheter, and suffers from PTSD).  His psychiatrist recommended that he get a dog as therapy, which he did.  The dog is his baby—or “my little girl” as he calls her.  She lives totally indoors, sleeps with him on his bed, is registered, current on all vaccinations, etc.  She allegedly bit a neighbor on the finger.  (Steven's atty vigorously disputed that it was his dog who bit the person, hence the two-day trial with 10 witnesses).  The person claiming that Mimi bit him originally said it was NOT Mimi, then THREE months later came back and said that it WAS her. 

During court, on cross-examination when Steven was shown  photos of his dog that had been recently taken at the animal shelter he just stared at them and tears began streaming down his face.  He was devastated to see that his once healthy dog has probably lost 20 lbs during 3 weeks in captivity and appears to be starving.   He looked up from the stand and sobbed, “Mr. Turner, why did they do this to Mimi”?  He was so choked up he could hardly answer any more questions.  Randy Turner is Steven's atty who took on the case PRO BONO. 

The judge declared Mimi a dangerous dog and ordered that she be euthanized unless Steven complies with all of the dangerous dog requirements within 15 days.  This was effectively a death sentence.  Steven lives on $779/mo. disability checks in a home for disabled vets and there was no way he could ever pay the $500 registration fee, $500 boarding fees, purchase $100,000 of liability insurance, put up an enclosure with 6 ft. fences, pay for spay, etc.  Therefore, his beloved Mimi was to be killed in 2 weeks.   

As a side note, the trial was on Veteran’s Day and Steven proudly wore his uniform as he has on every Veteran’s Day since he was discharged because, as he says, “I am proud that I fought for my country.” 

This story went out on the news and many people from all around the world sent money to help Steven save his dog. $18K was raised to help him in just ONE DAY!,0,4375259.story

Steven was so excited.  He went to pick up his dog the next day.  However; when he arrived to pay the fines, the city would NOT release MIMI to him. They are NOW claiming that his house does not qualify as a "structure" to house Mimi and they claim they are going to call his landlord and have him evicted!  They are now claiming he has to have an OUTSIDE structure in which to house the dog. 

The dog sleeps INSIDE with Steven in the bed with the cat!  NO WHERE in the law does it state that the structure has to be outside!

Here is the news story where he received $18K from people all around the world.


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