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Ban gas chamber killings of shelter dogs at the Wanganui Pound.

Wanganui Pound is one of only a few in New Zealand still using gas as an acceptable method of killing pound dogs.

Gassing any animal to death is painful, cruel, and barbaric. Dogs are often frightened and distressed while being crammed into the gas chamber, usually in multiple amounts. What is humane about this? In many shelters WORLDWIDE this has been completely out ruled, so why is this still happening here?? 

We are calling for a total ban on this completely inhumane method of killing pound dogs. The Wanganui District Council needs to stand up, take notice and make the necessary changes to provide the pound with the resources they need so these animals, where necessary, can be euthanized humanely by injection. 

Animals deserve to be treated with respect, even in death.

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